Best Way to Learn Guitar

Best Way to Learn Guitar


Welcome to Best Way to Learn Guitar where you will find an easy way how to learn guitar online because we lend a hand so you can easily and without difficulty learn how to play the guitar with the online guitar lessons that suit your style.

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Best Way to Learn Guitar

best way to learn guitarMany people think that the best way to learn guitar is by teaching themselves or by scouring the net for free lessons.

Sure, you can learn to play a bit; you can learn some chords, learn to fit them to a bunch of songs – heck you can even learn to bang out a few crazy sounding solos.

Here`s the problem with that – you have not learned guitar.

All you have achieved is to make some sounds without knowing what you are doing, sort of like a parrot; you practiced a bunch of songs.

Sure some of you even sound pretty good and if that is all you wanted to achieve then good for you.

For the other guys, the ones who want to learn to play the guitar and understand what they are doing; who want to be able to write their own songs this is not enough.

Online guitar or more specifically online guitar lessons is the way to go.

Guitar playing is really not difficult; it only takes a bit of dedication.

You can try learn to play guitar software and some of you may actually have success but most of us benefit best by using a good teacher [at least for a few months.]


Best Way to Learn Guitar on Your Own

guitar lessons onlineThe best way to learn guitar on your own is to sign up for guitar lessons online.

Guitar learning with online tutors is a total blast, whether you want to learn to play acoustic guitar or how to play electric guitar.

There are brilliant teachers available plus tons of guitar lesson videos.

You are able to contact the teachers via skype for one on one questions and answers.

The sites have developed guitar playing communities and you can hook up with hundreds or even thousands of people with the same musical interest; so much better than trying to go it alone!


Believe me this is WAY better than having only a local teacher for guitar instruction; you have access to any style of music and you will be playing real well real soon.

If you`ve always wanted to know how to play an acoustic guitar or asked the question how do you play guitar or you`re looking for electric guitar lessons for beginners they`ve got you covered.

Do the math: $35 per week for 1 [one] local teacher versus $19 per month [$5 per week] for access to more than 80 [eighty] teachers – a total no brainer. [63 cents a day…]

This is a really tiny investment to gain a skill that will last a lifetime.

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Here`s some of what they teach:

  • Choosing the right guitar
  • Best beginner acoustic guitar
  • Best beginner electric guitar
  • Strumming techniques
  • Finger exercises
  • Guitar chords, structures and how they work
  • Classical guitar lessons
  • Country guitar lessons
  • Blues guitar lessons
  • Flamenco guitar lessons
  • Jazz guitar lessons
  • Rock guitar lessons
  • Metal guitar lessons
  • Shred guitar lessons
  • Spanish guitar lessons

And much more…


Epic Guitar Fail…



Learn Guitar Online

learn guitar onlineLearning the guitar is not difficult if you learn guitar online; all it takes is the desire to play guitar and a love of music.

The first week can be a bit of a drag when your fingers seem like sausages when you start to learn guitar fretboard and your fingertips hurt before they harden but this is quite normal.

If you learn right the first time it will save you a lot of hassle down the road.

Some chord shapes are trickier than others when you learn guitar chords and you will wonder if your hand belongs to someone else, but this soon passes and you will get a real kick out of  being able to move from one chord to the next with ease.



The BEST thing about my choice for best online guitar lessons is that you are not alone – it can be a lonely road if you try to do it by yourself. [I did that and wish I could start over because of all the bad habits I created].


Check out my reviews and …just go for it – you will never regret your decision!


I made a fun infographic about learning the guitar – see it here:


Rolling Stone recently did a ‘Top 100 Guitarists in the World’ and their choice for number one is – This Guy!

learn how to play guitarJimi Hendrix

Here`s what David Redfern had to say:

“I feel sad for people who have to judge Jimi Hendrix on the basis of recordings and film alone; because in the flesh he was so extraordinary.

He had a kind of alchemist’s ability; when he was on the stage, he changed.

He physically changed. He became incredibly graceful and beautiful.

It wasn’t just people taking LSD, though that was going on, there’s no question. But he had a power that almost sobered you up if you were on an acid trip. He was bigger than LSD.

What he played was fucking loud but also incredibly lyrical and expert. He managed to build this bridge between true blues guitar — the kind that Eric Clapton had been battling with for years and years — and modern sounds, the kind of Syd Barrett-meets-Townshend sound, the wall of screaming guitar sound that U2 popularized.

He brought the two together brilliantly.”
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impossible guitar


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