9 Steps to Become a Real Guitarist

9 Steps to Become a Real Guitarist

I have often been asked how do you play a guitar so I thought I would create a fun infographic and called it 9 Steps to Become a Real Guitarist to demonstrate the steps needed to get to a point of proficiency that would be pleasing to both the player and the listener; hope you enjoy it!

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9 Steps to Become a Real Guitarist

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Fun Creating the 9 steps to become a real guitarist

So I had a bit of fun creating the 9 steps to become a real guitarist infographic; the truth of the matter is, no matter the guitar style that resonates with you, it is a long road to becoming world class proficient.

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Depending on your commitment, you could be playing in a band in about 6 months. You can in fact be playing some songs in just a few days.

Not everybody wants to be a rock star, or a classical virtuoso, or a country guitar player.

Worrying about the next guy or gal being better than you is negative and counterproductive.
The guitar is a wonderful instrument and you will get many many years of joy by just playing it, strumming songs, ripping out cool guitar licks, singing your favorite songs, so if your goal is to
be the campfire guitar player, just do it!

For me, the more I learn, the more I want to know so it will be a lifelong journey.

When I get a particularly tricky bit down it is better than getting high on some drug or other. [No, I do not take drugs; just sayin`!]

There are some really wonderful guitar teachers available on the net and you should never be afraid to ask for help – believe me, I know how frustrating it is to try to learn stuff on my own.

[Remember my infographic: 9 steps to become a real guitarist!]

Some Advice When Learning to Play Guitar

Also, some advice here: let`s say for example the style of guitar that really interests you is country – then put all your focus into learning country guitar.

Do not try to learn any other style. Once you are fairly proficient, then by all means dabble in other styles – it`s fun; you may even be able to create a new crossover style!

beginner guitar course

Personally I am in to rock and blues, although I also like country and believe it or not certain jazz styles, so I dabble a bit in country and am currently looking into jazz.
The country “chickin` pickin`’ guitar soloing style really is fun, although pretty tricky because
you need to learn to play with a pick and two or three fingers – feels like I am learning guitar right from the beginning again!

This is one of the reasons I chose to sign up with Guitartricks – they have teachers available for all styles and for a definite fact, without them I would never have even tried this.

More of my advice: if you are a beginner you can only benefit by becoming a member of this great online guitar lessons site

– no matter your age [it`s never too late to start!] – You get to learn at your own pace.

They have a huge forum of thousands of people just like you, all learning to play the guitar, so even though you are learning on your own at home;

but you are actually not alone, because besides the tuition from the teachers, you can log on anytime, find some like-minded players and chat about your progress or about some part of learning to play guitar that you may be stuck on.

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9 steps to become a real guitarist was a fun infograpghic to create.

Are there nine steps? Less? More? The bottom line is a structured approach beats trying to learn off free guitar lessons on the net by a country mile, any day.