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learn how to play electric guitarHi. I am a guitarist who is self taught – [and what a drag that was!!]

I learned some real bad habits along the way and struggled to fix them until I came across the sites I am now promoting.

I too tried to learn with free online lessons but found them lacking and the unstructured method of trying to learn stuff like this just frustrated me.

The tiny bit of money I invest every month has made a massive difference to my playing;

the solos I used to play all seemed to sound the same. Now when I let rip it is awesome – I`m getting some kickass solos down.

I have benefited so much from these guys that I felt the need to give back.

Hence the birth of this site, Best Way to Learn Guitar. It can be a very lonely road, trying to learn on your own.

Besides a ton of teachers, [and their different approaches] I especially enjoy the video lessons.


It is my sincere hope that my site is of value to you – happy playing!

In case you haven`t yet, check out my how to learn the guitar

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Here`s a GIF of somebody ripping it up on stage [no, not me!]

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