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Free Backing Tracks Backing Tracks for Guitar


Free Backing Tracks

free backing tracksOkay, if you`re looking for free backing tracks and real good quality backing tracks for guitar please be patient and read on, I will show you where to go to get backing tracks for free – but first, a rant.


What SERIOUSLY p-ed me off was when I searched for free jam tracks and these two sites came up – check this out:

 At no.1 in Google was  – a most annoying site!!

Click on a song and you get redirected to book a flight on Lufthansa, and zero background tracks!

If the guitar track does load it also redirects – total crap; what on Earth has free backing tracks for guitar got to do with booking a flight? All I got here was a lethal dose of frustration.

At no.2 in Google was – No free jam tracks for guitar here – just an explanation of what they are and how helpful they can be – ??? [I mean, wtf??]

The next 8 sites all had a few music backing tracks [very pathetic selections] then they wanted you to pay for their online backing tracks; I persisted and finally found one site that delivers what I was asking for – jam tracks – totally free.


I decided to put up a page with a link to a REAL site, where I found an absolute TON backing tracks for guitar players [thousands] all neatly done and listed by guitar artist and genres.

They are downloadable as an MP3 and the quality is really great.

Okay, rant over. Here`s my take on guitar backtracks and their value in the learning experience of playing a guitar, or learning to play a guitar.

Learning to play guitar with Free Backing Tracks

best backing tracksLearning to play guitar is an ability that loads of the populace crave to be really good at and a great many wannabe pop stars will try to play it with differing measures of accomplishment.

There are quite a lot of different online tools offered to would-be guitarists that are trying to better their proficiency and the guitar backing track is a wonderful tool to hone one` s strumming skills and especially for solo practicing.

 A guitar back track puts the fun back into learning the guitar and helps to break some of the monotony of some of the lessons, like practicing scales or wrapping those unwieldy fingers around some difficult chord shapes.

blues jam trackThe biggest monthly search seems to be for a blues backing track and blues jam tracks and these guys have plenty of them;

if you`re looking for a great rock backing track to test your latest solo you`re in luck because there`s a ton of them.

If your bag is jazz guitar backing tracks you`re also sorted. Country backing tracks? No problem!

What`s especially cool is you get instrumental backing tracks so you can even practice your vocal skills.

They have 10,282 backing tracks by 1,317 artists in 49 genres available for download – Should keep you busy for a week or two!


Still asking where can i get backing tracks of songs? Here`s the link:

100% FREE guitar jam tracks/ guitarbackingtrack/ download backtrack

If you need Custom Backing Tracks you can get them here:

guitar backtrack


A practice with a guitar back track is like a little holiday, you kick back and just let her rip because the guitar jam tracks you get are really professional.

Enjoy your backtrack downloads!


E Minor – Heavy Rock / 80s Metal Guitar Backing Track

You may have noticed this site is called Best Way to Learn Guitar and it came about because I wanted to share my good experience with the sites I promote here.

I am a self taught guitarist, I bought a few books and tried to go it alone; learned how to tune my guitar, learned how to play a bunch of chords, learned scales.

 rock backing trackHeck I even learned the fretboard until I knew it backwards and forwards but I still hit a brick wall with my playing; my solos just plain sucked.

They all started to sound like the same old garbage.

Even my rhythm work was boring me. I started looking around for a way to overcome this hurdle and I happened upon the sites I now promote.


My life changed.

It was like opening Pandora`s box. I hit the jackpot. Yes I signed up with all the sites – [Maybe a bit of overkill but I was desperate for a new fresh approach and these guys gave me a me new universe].

The fresh eyes I now see my music with are brilliant. My playing has improved so much that I sound like what I hear in my head. [Isn`t that something we all dream of?]

My suggestion to you is to go on over to my reviews and check these guys out; whether you are just a beginner, an intermediate or a pro player you will find great benefit.

Oh, did I mention that I have been playing for 30 [thirty] years and only now am truly having the time of my life?


No need to sign up for all of them [like I said, I was desperate!] Pick one and invest the tiny amount they charge. You [and your guitar] will thank you for it.

This is my way of paying it forward.

My reviews are here [Jamplay] and on this page too [Guitar Tricks].


Happy Acoustic Rock Guitar Backing Track In G Major / E Minor


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