Online Guitar Courses for Beginners

Online Guitar Courses for Beginners

If you have looked online to find some free, easy online guitar courses for beginners you maybe have discovered that in the end most of them are not so very useful.  

Here are two links to the best of the best online guitar websites on the Planet – no, they are NOT free, but so cheap, they may as well be!

Guitartricks review on this page: Real Guitartricks review

Jamplay review here: Real Jamplay review

online guitar courses for beginners

Sure, there are loads of websites that you can consider but not all of them may help you in a structured way that will ensure you learn the right way from the start.  

Whenever you want to learn how to do something it is always best to learn the right way to do it and learning to play the guitar is no different.  

As a seasoned guitar player let me say that picking up a bad habit is always easy to do, but if you start with bad habits at the beginning of your guitar playing, the frustration of fixing them later on may be so bad as to make you quit.

That is why the best online guitar courses for beginners is the right way to go – start right, zero pain!

There are many things that you should consider when looking for online guitar courses for beginners.  

Things such as:

•    How to tune the guitar
•    how to hold the guitar
•    how to hold the pick [plectrum]
•    learning the neck
•    learning chord names
•    strumming techniques
•    finger placement
•    chord progressions
•    scale names
•    fingerings
•    finger exercises to strengthen your fret hand
•    warm-ups

– and of course there is a ton more!

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Can I Learn to Play Guitar with Online Guitar Courses for Beginners

Can I learn guitar online? That would be a definite yes! So, how should I go about learning guitar?

1.  Structure  – seriously, don`t muck about with free lessons or learning on Youtube because you will end up with an unstructured game plan and this will lead to learning bad habits etc

2.  Start Slow and just hang in there – EVERYBODY who ever started learning to play guitar went through the same pain, tedium and parrot stuff in the beginning – BUT before you know it you will be amazing yourself

3.  The strain your hands and fingers go through in the beginning may pretty much feel like torture but just hang in and push through – you toughen up real quick

4.  Get it right the first time and you save yourself a ton of agro and frustration down the road and you`ll never look back!

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6 Tips for Learning with Online Guitar Courses

1.    A good feel and touch in your strumming hand takes a good few hours, definitely longer than 12. It’s all about repetition [“parrot” stuff!].

Try to consider the amount of skill you are using to strike the strings. Your wrists and fingers will very quickly adjust to this new world.

You need to focus on creating clean quality sounds.

2.    With your fret [neck] hand, fret the strings close to the frets; this will remove the buzzing and the notes and chords will ring crisp and true.

3.    You have to press down firmly on the strings to ensure they ring out clear. One of the most difficult things for beginners is making sure you are not muffling the strings that you are not fretting .

These little things get programmed in to your fingers after hours of practice, so don’t stress too much about it. Focus on getting clean sounds out of your guitar.

4.    When you first start your fret fingers will hurt, but don’t let that stop you – they harden after a short while.

5.    In the beginning it’ll feel bizarre, but this is standard. Some of the chords you will learn will feel like they were designed by a torture expert, but after about a month or so when you pick up your guitar to play it will feel just like coming home!

6.    Play the songs you love – you will find you learn a lot easier and faster.

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Four Tips on How to Choose the Best Online Guitar Courses for Beginners

1. Reliable, veteran teachers. Tutoring from someone who knows not only how to play a guitar, but has figured out music and knows how to get this information out to you in a way that you can easily understand is guaranteed to get you learning quick.

The best online guitar courses  have guitarists that actually played live with bands.

2. Unstructured lessons without any idea of the endgame just ends up in disillusionment. First-rate lessons supply a mix of instructional methods.

It ideally has guitar lessons in text, audio and video. Combined they create a better understanding of music, and makes it effortless and fun to learn.  

Because the crucial ingredient is to practice, practice and practice, you need a course that has created a system that is inspiring and keeps you motivated while helping your improvement.

3. A superior system. Don`t just settle for any old online guitar courses for beginners. Find one that has worked for other people, so that you know will also work for you.

  An encouraging signal that a system has value is worth trying , is a money back guarantee – so you have nothing to lose just by trying it for the guarantee period only.

[Or, as one of them does offer – a totally free two week ‘test drive’ and also ticks all the boxes of a superior online guitar lessons system…]

4. Find a program that has lots of different styles of music and teachers, and also includes easy to follow instructions on how to get the best sound out of your guitar.

A system or program that has people willing to advise you on the best option of guitar for the style you want to learn.

best online guitar lessons for beginners

5 Myths about Learning to Play Guitar

Myth #1: You are born with natural musical talent.

False. Undoubtedly, mastering a musical instrument is a lot easier for some people, however anyone that is inspired can learn to play guitar. Your level of skill will hinge on your passion, motivation and the amount of effort and time you want to invest in it.

Myth #2: The best guitarists learn and master all guitar styles.

False. Most guitar legends are legends exactly because they mastered just the one style of music.

Only some will cross over from their area of expertise and shine at more than one style.

It can take a many years to become a master of one style of music. You may be able to master two styles if you take up two fields that have some crossover potential, such as blues and country, and for sure online guitar courses for beginners by good teachers will make the journey easier.

Myth #3: To sound great, you must get the top gear.

False. Sure the best equipment is nice to have, and if you can afford it then go for it; however there is a ton of really good second hand gear out there.
 My recommendation is to buy a guitar from a guitar shop near you and not from Amazon or some
shop that does not specialize in music.

They will be able to set up the guitar to its best ability – such as setting the action [making sure the strings are not too far away from the neck] – this alone will make it a pleasure to play! Also they can advise you on strings, plectrums etc, as well  as be on hand for any questions you may have as time goes by.

Myth #4:  Only the most talented guitarists will succeed.

False. There have been hundreds of guitarists that are mediocre at most that have gone on to be pretty successful.
Also, there are people for whom music just comes naturally – I was not one of them, but my desire
to play made this immaterial, and today I`m pretty good; needless to say even though I had played for years, a beginner guitar course showed me stuff I never knew.

I do not try to compare myself to other guitarists because there will always be someone who is better than me.
So, really the “best” guitarists are the guys/gals out there who love what they do and have a
total gas; the listeners feel this and love to see and listen to you play.

Myth #5: I am too old to bother with learning to play a guitar.
False. There are THOUSANDS of older people Worldwide that have taken up guitar playing and they
are all having fun!
If for example you are a pensioner, you have lots of spare time to bang away on your instrument –
you could in fact become really proficient much quicker than a younger person who may not have the same amount of time available to them!

It`s all about the desire, plus online guitar courses for beginners would fit right up your alley, so no more procrastination, get in there and start learning!

So that`s it, no more excuses; if you`ve been asking yourself can i learn guitar online the answer is yes. Whether you are young or old – online guitar courses for beginners is for everybody who wants to learn to play guitar; click one of the links above and start your musical journey!

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Remember it is better to buy guitar lessons than to go the free guitar lessons route – in the long run you will be happy that you did.

This site is all about online guitar courses for beginners, and we hope you find what you need!