Shred Guitar Lessons Online Learn How to Shred on Guitar

Shred Guitar Lessons Online Learn How to Shred on Guitar

Become a guitar shredder – only six weeks to shred – learn how to shred on guitar.

Learn how to shred today– click here – lessons for shred guitar . A complete way to learn shredding guitar solos, shredding scales and all things shred!

Here`s the thing; shred and shred guitar lessons online is what I have been hearing in my head for many years now. 

My problem is that I was a bit of a musical whore. I gigged as a ‘one man band’ or a solo artist for many a long year.

I played cover music and worse I played what the crowds wanted; even songs that grated the very backbone of my soul. I emptied. I had just plain drained away.

I walked away. I had to. Packed it and parked it. I knew that if  I was going to play again it would either happen or not; I was cool either way.

Many moons later I picked up my strat and started noodling a bit every so often, but it bored me. I needed something to kick start me.

After much tedious search and research I found a few sites that fed me.

I made this site to pay it forward.

That`s where I got a glimpse of what shred is about.

My research on shred guitar lessons online on the guitar so that I could  create this page got me to where the perfect guitar hangs out.

I think that watching a great finger on the fretboard shred is probably better than an orgasm. [Practicing it however is sometimes like crawling on broken glass.]

For me a longer road than most. A six weeks to shred challenge would see tons of people cracking it of that I am certain.

 [From Wikipedia] In an interview in March 2011, Steve Vai described 'shred' as:

online shred guitar lessons"The terminology used for someone who can play an instrument, and has such a tremendous amount of technique that what they do just seems completely effortless and absurd. [“Who can play an instrument” – in other words, who really knows their music.]

It's like this burst of energy that just comes out in extremely fast tearing kind of playing where the notes actually connect.

Shred has to have a particular kind of 'tide' to it, I think, that actually gives you that 'blow away' factor that makes it impressive, to a certain degree."


Here`s what ultimate has to say about what does shred mean [how to become a guitar shredder]:

"Shredding is not being held back, its having the physical technique and ability to express yourself by any means you wish. [Note the term ‘physical technique’.]

It's being able to play whatever you hear in your head and out your fingers, whether its sweep picking diminished arpeggios or alt-picking a descending run. Shred is being true to the music you feel the need to express."


Total Dedication and Shred Guitar Lessons Online

It goes without saying that this level of guitar playing demands total dedication, not to mention a solid knowledge of music. Satriani, Malmsteen and others rip the crap out of their instruments because of their dedication to the shred style.

how to play guitar fasterSo unless you are prepared for the hard slog of many daily hours of practice the chances of you to become a guitar shredder are slim to none.

Also if your goal is to become a shred guitar player –you really need to find a professional teacher.

Think of shredding as the top racing driver of guitar. You wouldn’t start training to be World Champion without a coach, would you?

A good teacher will cost you nominal dollars, however he or she will save you countless hours of worthless practice.

Look at the money spent on a shred guitar teacher as an investment in your craft – a tiny amount for HUGE gains.

For as little as $19 dollars per month you can quickly hone your shred skills with more than one teacher.

Visit my Reviews of the best teachers and get practicing.

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Fastest Guitar Shredding Ever

Wikipedia again on equipment and the more popular type of shred guitar:

Shred Guitar Equipment

“Shred guitar players often use electric solidbody guitars such as Ibanez, Gibson, Fender, Kramer, Kiesel/Carvin, Jackson, Charvel, Schecter and ESP.

shredding on guitarSome shred guitarists use elaborately-shaped models by B.C. Rich or Dean, as well as modern versions of classic-radical designs like Gibson's Flying V and Explorer models. [My opinion? Mostly, with only a few opting for the acoustic guitar.]

Tremolo bars (also known as "whammy bars"), which are hinged bridges that can be bent down or up in pitch, are an important part of shred playing, as they permit the "dive bombing" effect and many sounds which are not possible with a fixed-bridge instrument.

Guitars with double-cutaways give performers easier access to the higher frets. Many guitar makers are now making a "scalloped cutaway" which was popularized by Irron R. Collins IV.

This removes material on the backside of the "horn" allowing extended room for the fretting hand to get extended reach onto the higher notes of the fretboard.

Some shred guitarists, such as Scorpions' Ulrich Roth, have used custom-made tremolo bars and developed modified instruments, such as Roth's "Sky Guitar, that would greatly expand his instrumental range, enabling him to reach notes previously reserved in the string world for cellos and violins."

Shred your brains out! – here`s the link again: to shred/ guitar shredding exercises

[More Wikipedia]
Playing style

"Shredding includes "sweep, alternate and tremolo picking; string skipping; multi-finger tapping; legato, [and] trills."

Speed Building, Legato, Tapping, [and] Sweep Picking techniques shredders need to know—sweep picking, tapping, legato playing, whammy bar abuse, speed riffing, [and] thrash chording.

Shred guitarists use two- or three-octave scales, triads, or modes, played ascending and descending at a fast tempo. [ So no; not for the beginner or non dedicated guitarist.]

Often such runs are arranged in the form of an intricate sequential pattern, creating a more complex feel.

This run or lick can be played by individually picking all, or a selection, of the notes, using techniques such as alternate picking or economy picking.

Shredding has been used by many guitar players and become an important technique in metal guitar.

Alternatively, the lick can be played by multiple-picking notes (tremolo picking), or picking just the first or second note of a string followed by a rapid succession of hammer-ons and/or pull-offs (legato).

Rhythmically, a shredder may include precise usage of syncopation and polyrhythms. Sweep picking is used to play rapid arpeggios across the fretboard (sometimes on all strings).

The tapping technique is used to play rapid flourishes of notes or to play arpeggios or scalar patterns using pure legato with no picking (the picking hand is used to "tap" notes on the fretboard).

Various techniques are used to perform passages with wide intervals, and to create a flowing legato sound. Some performers utilize complex combinations of tapping, sweeping, and classical-style finger picking.

This increases speed by reducing the motion of the plucking hand.

Need for speed? Learn guitar shredding – check out my play shredder reviews here – shredding a guitar/ how to shred fast


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