Real Guitar Tricks Review Video Guitar Lessons

My Real Guitar Tricks Review

Real Guitar Tricks review video guitar lessonsI decided to do a Real Guitar Tricks review for video guitar lessons because I wanted to shortcut your having to do all the research that I had to do before I found a site that delivers on its promises.

I thought about what would give a prospective guitar student a ‘warm fuzzy feeling’ and get them to sign up and start learning, and this is what I came up with.

Please note that I have also done a review on Jamplay, and you can find it here: Jamplay review.

So why do I like both Guitar Tricks and Jamplay? I am a member of both and personally find that I get different values from each.

This does not mean that you also need to join both to get what you need. As I mentioned on another page I had reached a point in my playing career where I had hit a brick wall and had to find something to get me back on track.

So here is my take on Guitar Tricks:

[These are all points that are important to me as a buyer looking for the best online guitar school, and I guess they are important to you too if you wish to be learning to play the guitar on your own.]

•    How long have they been offering guitar video lessons
•    What guitar step by step lessons do they offer
•    How easy are the play and learn guitar lessons to understand
•    Is there more than one teacher – [in other words, will I be tutored in different guitar styles]
•    Can I study on my Mobile, or is it only for a PC
•    Am I the only guy signed up here to learn to play the guitar online
•    How much will this cost me
•    Is there a trial period
•    Is there a money back guarantee – [can I cancel if I find this is not for me]
•    Is this just a bunch of tutor videos and then you are left to your own devices – [in other words, do I have help if  I get stuck]
•    Are there testimonials of satisfied clients

Right, let`s look at each of these points in depth:

How long have they been offering guitar video lessons:

Guitar Tricks was started in 1998 [so, the oldest and most established guitar learning site]

What guitar step by step lessons do they offer:

guitar video lessonsThey have lessons for the beginner all the way up to the really experienced player
More than 8000 lessons and this grows because more are added every week.
Also, they have more than 500 songs for you to practice on.


How easy are the play and learn guitar lessons to understand:

online guitar lessons for beginnersSuper easy because they have an Industry-Leading Core Learning System Step-By-Step Beginner Program, Easy to Read Onscreen Notation in the Core Learning System, as well as an Advanced Technique Library for Pro Guitarists.

Their videos are ‘split’ in that you see both hands. They also have the facility to ‘loop’ so you can practice those tricky bits until you have them down.

Is there more than one teacher:

As at the time of writing this review, they have more than 45 listed teachers covering whatever style of guitar playing you may be interested in.

Can I study on my Mobile, or is it only for a PC:

Their system is designed for any device, Mobiles, Tablets or a PC.

Am I the only guy signed up here to learn to play the guitar online:

I was actually blown away to learn that there are tens of thousands of members! – In fact 1.9 Million!!!

How much will this cost me:

I was expecting a fairly hefty price ticket but found to my surprise that it is really inexpensive – $14.95 per month. [That`s just 49 cents a day people…]

[For everything that they offer, a real bargain!]

Is there a trial period:

Oh yes, a no obligation 14 day free offer – [the only online guitar lessons site that offers this, by the way.]

Is there a money back guarantee:

Another pleasant surprise – a 60 day, no questions asked money back guarantee.

Guitar Tricks are so confident in their service that they  have no problem in allowing you to bow out if for some reason you find that it is not for you.

Is this just a bunch of tutor videos and then you are left to your own devices:

Not at all; you have the facility to be in contact with the teachers to ask whatever question you need answered.

Are there testimonials of satisfied guitarists:

There`s a ton of them on their site – here`s a few:


 learn to play the guitar online“I stumbled upon Guitar Tricks purely by accident a year ago. I was blown away by the knowledge and quality of the instructors and the vast array of styles and lessons. After checking out a few of the free lessons on the site, I became a full access member. It’s amazing how quickly I’ve progressed.” ~ Wendy Aaronson

 online guitar course“Played guitar for quite a while but never seriously and never with any skills. When I discovered guitartricks I couldn’t let go of my guitar anymore. I love the site and the work all you guys do!” ~ Tomas Landberg


 online guitar classes“Thanks for ‘The Best site on the Web’. It has really opened my eyes to the guitar, and although I have been playing for 26 years, I have learned more in the past few months than ever before…and your instructors are all very skilled & knowledgeable, which makes the experience so much better. Keep up the good work.” ~ Gary Venter

Guitar tricks is one of the Gems on the Internet – if you are serious about learning how to play the guitar, or you are an experienced player but need to learn new techniques then you should have no worries or hesitation about signing up with them – they have a no lose offer!

You can get started by clicking on the ad below – happy learning!

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